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Intro Classes:  Astudia offers introductory classes for both piano "Intro to ivory" & guitar.  (Student must bring their own guitar)  
These classes are designed to offer a basic understanding of the instrument. This is a very good low-cost option for exploring music to hopefully discover a wonderful activity to continue to study, grow, and enjoy!  (The books used for the classes are "John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano" and "William Blair's Introduction to Guitar" - Available for purchase at Astudia)
Beginning Music:  This class is great for very our young students who want to explore music for the first time in a very fun and playful setting.  This class uses games and crafts to give the kids a fun experience while they receive a music education.

Basic Piano - Commanding the Keys:  This is a class to help aspiring young pianists become proficient on the keyed instrument. Students will learn music notation, sight reading, fingering, and chords. Our most popular music class!

Rhythm Basics - Drum class:  It's a fun class where students will take part in rhythm studies and learn the basics of drumming.  This class will also give students an understanding of how the drums fit into a performing music group.

Voice:  This class is designed to build singing ability.  It will focus on developing pitch, tone, and stamina.  Students will learn proper breathing, vocal exercises, harmonization, and solo performing skills.  This class will provide plenty of opportunities for students to build the confidence needed to perform in front of an audience!

Basic Guitar - "B" Minors: This course  covers guitar basics such as: tuning, chords, strumming, and reading.  This class focuses on the ability to play guitar at a proficient level and is a fun alternative to private guitar lessons!  (Students must bring their own guitar)

Rhythm Section:  It's a fun class involving rhythm studies and learning how the drums work with the other instruments of the rhythm section.  To join this class students must be have basic proficiency on the drum kit and preferably another instrument such as piano, guitar, or bass.

Group Vocal:  Committed vocal students learn to sing as a group in both lead and back up roles.  Enrollment in this class must be approved by the instructor.  Students must not have issues with pitch, timing, or confidence to be considered for enrollment.  The students of this class provide the vocal element for the live performance of all the other Astudia music groups.
Private Lessons 
Available for Keys, Guitar, Bass & Drums. These lessons are tailored to meet the student's specific needs.

Music Classes