Beyond the Beat
Beyond the Beat
A Non-Profit Organization
Beyond the Beat is a non-profit organization that promotes the performing arts! The primary focus of the non-profit is “Astudia Nation” which is an assembly of performance/competition groups from the Astudia performing art school. The presence of “Astudia Nation” is an enormous benefit to the community. Through their performances they have shared the gift of dance & music with many people who may not have the opportunity to enjoy these kinds of events. In turn, the students learn valuable lessons and skills from performing and realize the importance of giving back!

“Astudia Nation” currently is comprised of 7 competition dance teams, a variety performance groups, and several music groups. These kids love to perform! We encourage you to come to their shows to give them support. To see where they are performing next, visit the “Events” page.

Our international performance group will leaving for Paris, France October 18th, 2017 for a tour and cultural exchange.
To Learn more about the Beyond the Beat non-profit, give us a call at